5th Hellenic Masters Swimming Championship

Hellenic Masters Swimming Championship

14-16 June 2019 | Poseidonio Swimming Center - Thessaloniki

5th Hellenic Masters Swimming Championship


PAOK, ARIS, PANSERRAIKOS, EAT ALEXANDROS, OFK SERRON, and OTHA KAVALAS, are organising the 5th Hellenic Masters Swimming Championship in Thessaloniki, under the authority of the Hellenic Swimming Federation.


Swimmers, who have a valid athletic card issued by the Swimming Federation of their country, can participate in the event.


The races will take place at Poseidonio Swimming Center - Thessaloniki, the following dates:

Friday 14 June 2019

• 1st Session 17:00

Saturday 15 June 2019

• 2nd Session 09:00
• 3rd Session 17:00

Sunday 16 June 2019

• 4th Session 09:00
• 5th Session 16:00

5th Hellenic Masters Swimming Championship


1st CATEGORY25-291994-1990
2nd CATEGORY30-341989-1985
3rd CATEGORY35-391984-1980
4th CATEGORY40-441979-1975
5th CATEGORY45-491974-1970
6th CATEGORY50-541969-1965
7th CATEGORY55-591964-1960
8th CATEGORY60-641959-1955
9th CATEGORY65-691954-1950
10th CATEGORY70-741949-1945
11th CATEGORY75-791944-1940
12th CATEGORY80-841939-1935
13th CATEGORY85-891934-1930
14th CATEGORY90-941929-1925


The categories of the relay races based on the total age of team members in whole years are as follows:

1st CATEGORY100-119
2nd CATEGORY120-159
3rd CATEGORY160-199
4th CATEGORY200-239
5th CATEGORY240-279
6th CATEGORY280-319
7th CATEGORY320-359
8th CATEGORY360-399

5th Hellenic Masters Swimming Championship

  • The competition will be held according to FINA rules and regulations.
  • The event will be held in 5 sessions, in final heats, and open category.
  • Heats will be seeded based on entry times. All heats will be seeded from fastest to slowest, regardless of age or age group. In case no entry time is submitted, the swimmers will be seeded based on their registration number (ascending order) after having completed the heats with entry times.
  • Ranking will be held separately for each category.
  • Medals will be awarded to the first 3 places in each age group per event.
  • Every club can participate with an unlimited number of swimmers and one team per relay age group. Swimmers are allowed to participate in up to 2 individual events and 1 relay event per session. Swimmers are allowed to enter a total of 6 individual events.
  • Synthesis of relay can be composed only of swimmers of the same club. Mixed relays must be composed of 2 men and 2 women. The order of swimming is optional.
  • The list of the team members of the relays and cancellation should be submitted to the secretariat at least 30 minutes before the beginning of each session.
  • Entry form for international swimmers can be submitted either by their swimming club, their Swimming Federation or individually.
  • Within the entry form must be written participant's year of birth, nationality, club name, entry times and contact details for further correspondence, briefings etc.
  • International swimmers are required to provide a copy of their passport or ID in order to be certified.
  • Entries must be submitted via email or fax to the secretariat of the organizing committee [Swimming District Committee of Macedonia (P.E.K.K.D.M.) ], no later than the 27th of May 2019. Email: pekkdm@otenet.gr , Fax: 0030 2310 245881 / Tel.: 0030 2310 245323

NOTE: Organising clubs, the Hellenic Swimming Federation, and FINA have no responsibility for any medical incidents during the event, and participants are obliged to sign a declaration form in order to validate the above statement before the beginning of the competition.

5th Hellenic Masters Swimming Championship

The participation fee is 30,00 Euros (€) per swimmer. International participants are obliged to pay in cash to the accounting officer of the organization and present at the same time the decllaration form and a photocopy of the passport or ID before the first session, in order to be able to participate. The accounting officer will be in the premises of the event.
In case of late entry (later than the 27th of May 2019) the entrance fee is 40,00 Euros (€) per swimmer.

5th Hellenic Masters Swimming Championship

1st Session 14 June 2019

Friday afternoon 17:00

1) 400m Individual Medley Women
2) 400m Individual Medley Men
3) 800 m Freestyle Women
4) 1500 m Freestyle Men
5) 4x50m Freestyle Mixed (2 men + 2 women)

2nd Session 15 June 2019

Saturday morning 09:00

1) 50m Backstroke Women
2) 50m Backstroke Men
3) 400m Freestyle women
4) 400m Freestyle Men
5) 200m Butterfly Women
6) 200m Butterfly Men
7) 4χ50m Freestyle Women
8) 4χ50m Freestyle Men

3rd Session 15 June 2019

Saturday Afternoon 17:00

1) 50m Butterfly Men
2) 50m Butterfly Women
3) 200m Breaststroke Men
4) 200m Breaststroke Women
5) 100m Backstroke Men
6) 100m Backstroke Women
7) 200m Freestyle Men
8) 200m Freestyle Women
9) 4χ50m. Medley Women

4th Session 16 June 2019

Sunday Morning 09:00

1) 50m Freestyle Women
2) 50m Freestyle Men
3) 100m Breaststroke Women
4) 100m Breaststroke Men
5) 200m Individual Medley Women
6) 200m Individual Medley Men
7) 800m Freestyle Men
8) 4x50m Medley Mixed (2 men + 2 women)

5th Session 16 June 2019

Sunday afternoon 16:00

1) 50m Breaststroke Men
2) 50m Breaststroke Women
3) 100m Freestyle Men
4) 100m Freestyle Women
5) 200m Backstroke Men
6) 200m Backstroke Women
7) 100m Butterfly Men
8) 100m Butterfly Women
9) 1500m Freestyle Women
10) 4x50 Medley Men

5th Hellenic Masters Swimming Championship

The following hotels offer preferential rates for athletes participating in the games.  For more information about your stay you can contact Mr. Giannakopoulos Ioannis in email g.yiannis69@yahoo.com

ABC Hotel

Hotel ABC

Phone: + 30 2310 265421
Fax: + 30 2310 276542
Email: info@hotelabc.gr
Address: Aggelaki 41, 54621 Thessaloniki

Metrolpolitan Hotel


Phone: + 30 2310 265421
Fax: + 30 2310 276542
Email: info@hotelabc.gr
Address: Aggelaki 41, 54621 Thessaloniki

Capsis Hotel


Phone: + 30 2310 596800
Fax: + 30 2310 510555
E-mail: capsishotel@capsishotel.gr
Address: Monastiriou 16, 54629 Thessaloniki

Queen Olga Hotel


Phone No: + 30 2310 824621
Fax: + 30 2310 868581
Email: info@queenolga.gr
Address: Vassilissis Olgas 44, Thessaloniki

Athina Airport Hotel


Phone No: + 30 2310 805680
Fax: + 30 2310 805686
Email: info@airhotelathina.gr
Address: 13o KLM Thessaloniki-Perea

5th Hellenic Masters Swimming Championship


  • Secretariat of the Regional Swimming Committee of the RP Macedonia:
    E-mail: pekkdm@otenet.gr
    Fax: 2310 245881
    Phone No.: 2310 245323
  • Papadopoulos Anastasios: Mob: 6944 452 071
  • Giannakopoulos Ioannis: Mob: 6936 684 342
  • Kalavrezos Fillipos: Mob: 6979 335 185
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